About The Right Choice

The Right Choice Heating and Air has provided services to homeowners, landlords, and business owners for many years.

Our company is devoted to all matters related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We provide thorough and professional assistance to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied. We continually educate our employees on how to practice proper safety methods, as well as about new technology that appears on the market.

Our team is dedicated to all of our clients and their well-being. Rest assured that all of our technicians are highly trained and will do everything in their power to provide fast, reliable, and honest work.

We offer an extended service program known as the Club Plan for our customers. From our Diamond to Filter Replacement Plan, we offer plans that will fit your budget – helping you save both time and energy. To learn more about our Club Plan, click here for more details.

Our Services


Properly heating a home is essential to the comfort of your family and guests. Maintain a home that has properly working heating so that small children, the elderly, and anyone that is sensitive to the cold can stay warm. It’s important to have a working heater, especially in during the freezing cold temperatures of winter. We can install a new heater, repair and old one, or take a look at it to make sure it will remain in working order all throughout winter.


When the weather gets hot it can be impossible to keep a home cool without an air conditioner. It can become dangerous to a person’s health if they become too hot, especially during the summer time when unpredictable temperatures rise to record levels. Prepare for hot weather conditions by installing an air conditioner so that you can cool the temperature in your home or office as soon as you start to feel unbearably hot. Remember, give us a call to clean your air conditioner so that it remains in proper running order.

Indoor Air Quality

Many people neglect to maintain healthy air quality standards in their home. Asbestos, along with other chemicals and particles can be dangerous for your lungs and overall health. Our team can come out to your home or office to survey the area and determine the condition of the air quality. If we find that the air is unsuitable to inhabit we can improve the air quality and remove the toxins so that clean air is available once again. Call us at least once a year so that we can conduct an annual survey of your home to determine the air quality.


There is no point in installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning if there is no insulation in your home. The temperature in your home will not remain stable if you cannot keep the outside conditions from intruding inside. Install proper insulation all around your home so that you can maximize the use of your HVAC unit without having to keep it running all the time.

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